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Welcome to Dr-Russ.com

Dr Russ Kennedy is a medical doctor, corporate speaker, author, and  professional stand up comedian, with over 750 appearances on both corporate and comedy club stages across North America. He is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher.  As recovered Type A stress case himself , Russ uses this site as a portfolio of his work, highlighting his dedication to combining ancient practices with the latest in neuroscience to help people live happier, healthier and more productive lives. Russ is proud to be represented by the National Speakers Bureau and Global Speakers Agency.

Please visit the testimonials page to see what people have to say about his presentations.

******Please note that the site is under construction! Many of the videos were damaged or lost and I’m trying to get them back.  So if things are aren’t working or look a little askew, I’m trying to fix them soon!******

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